From the thin marking of a horizon suspended between sky and sea to the infinite spatiality of "dream landscapes". From the outline of the houses and bell towers against the horizon to the gilt markings that emphasize the predominance of the red colour; from the calm atmospheres of lagoon dawns and sunsets , to the widespread "fire"; from the polychromatic lightness of the watercolour to the predominance of the imperious oil brushstroke. The new pictorial phase of Iva Casson is revealed in this way - until 29th April at Galleria Città di Treviso. A definite improvement in planning , tonality and technique, almost a challenge, speeding up the conceptual and formal research to which the painter has been committed for some time. Red skies reflecting in the sea, even cancelling the horizon limit, more and more interpreted as a precious barrier. As to remind the continuity of the inspiration in the backlighting beds of reeds of the lagoon. In the golden solar disc that inflames water and sky or that already vanishes beyond an imperceptible limit, darkening a glittering sunset. In a sequence of "dimensions" that surpass and stress the passing of the time, of the days and seasons.

Vittoria Magno
[frpm "IL GAZZETTINO di Treviso" 27th April 2005]

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