The charm of the lagoon, the Venetian architecture that reflects in the canals in competition with the lively emphasis on the colours of the boats and flowers. Iva Casson’s painting is nourished by the special atmosphere of Chioggia where the painter was born, lives and works.
A painting that, in the watercolours as well as in the oils, dilutes the pure colours to rearrange them in soft spirals, in materialistic crests , in smoothed transparencies, to capture distant outlines of bell towers, houses, trees…dreams against the horizon. And it relies on the colours, even to excite and stress the language of the flowers. With a constant feature that is the yeast of her painting : the light. The light that comes down from the sky and the light that rises from the sea; following it in the changing of the time and in the succession of the seasons. In the rosy transparencies of the dawns, in the glare of the noons, in the violet of the sunsets, in the dark blue of clear nights; in the stormy gloom as grey as fog. Not “to take a photo” of a view, but to tell about her thoughts and emotions.

Vittoria Magno
[from "IL GAZZETTINO di Treviso" 2nd June 2004]

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