Iva Casson to Lazise: "Colours and emotions" with oils and watercolours

The warm and cold tones, darting on a horizontal trajectory, or calmed in an ecstatic abduction become powerful light for "Colours and emotions" the exhibition that Iva Casson proposes to the former Municipal Library of Lazise until 3rd August.
An abstraction that flees from the shape in freedom to arrange on different varieties the drawing up of colour effects in an impulse - considering the meagreness of the marks – of surprising depth.
The obtainable perspective leads the eye further than the sunsets becoming red-hot and drowned in a sky and sea streaked with changing juices between the red, yellow, dark blue, violet colours, up to the solar disc (created with the golden sheet) that crumbles in a sequence of bright petals. Beyond the silver parenthesis of a favourable moon on resonant beds of reeds like flutes of shells, on the blue-tinted escape of the curly foam of the sea, as far as a flashing skyline.
A painting that resembles a crystal touched by the fire, which can incite a natural energy by which we feel consciously and cheerfully sucked up. The painter is confronted both with the colours of the flame and a range of more difficult technical and emotional performance, like the brown, sand, beige, siena colours. Here the oil is distributed on the cloth (often even painted on all sides) in all its variable metric density. And the vorticism is not modified by it, but aimed at a place of meditation and serenity, which can be found not only in the hoops of water and air, but also in the landscapes of African deserts where the dryness of life is refreshed in a wisdom date.
Iva Casson’s pictorial ability is also concentrated in the use of the watercolour technique. Here the favourite topics inspired by the magnificence of the nature come out again, memories of that chasm that is wedged in the human spirit.
But the brushstroke becomes softer, calm and solemn, stripped of the flesh in comparison with the shining density of the oil, as if the concrete image had left its soul on that place. " In this way Iva Casson experiences the coincidence between reality and her inner world again, with immediacy and spontaneity that are features of her personality" writes Lidia Mazzetto in her presentation. An observation confirmed in the'" kinetic excursus" led by Stella Maria Tambè in occasion of the inauguration.

Vera Meneguzzo
"L'ARENA" (28th July 2005 )

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