The personal exhibition of the painter Iva Casson from Chioggia ("Tribute to irises and other flowers") presented in Florence in the Banca Popolare in Milan between May and June, becomes part of the cycle" The garden wonders" started in 2001 by D’Ars Agency and proposed in the different Italian branches of the Banca Popolare of Milan. The Florentine exhibition has been sponsored by the “Società Italiana dell’Iris”, flower as loved by Casson as the peopies of which, with her rapid and skilful stroke, in her watercolours and oils, she gives us the glamour and freshness of elegant shapes and tones of unexpected nuances back. In her compositions the flower becomes synonym of joy, life, light and the artist, who loves portraying her figural topics from life, shows herself particularly inclined to the luminist values, good evidence of which was the exhibition of her landscapes of the water, of the lagoon, transparent and changeable on pearl horizons, real and yet metaphysical , glare of an innate sensitivity for nature and art.
Iva Casson, who lives and works in Sant' Anna of Chioggia (Venice) has already exhibited her paintings at the Banca Popolare di Milano, Bergamo, Monza and in galleries and fairs in Treviso, Bari, Milan and in a personal exhibition in Bologna.

Roberta Fiorini
[from "ECO d'arte moderna" n. 5/6 2003, Florence]

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