The watercolour is a very ancient painting technique. Nowadays it is still practiced for the pleasure that an artist experiences to compete with an expressive mean that demands attention, sensitivity, delicacy as well as firmness.
Iva Casson, an artist from Chioggia that exhibits until the end of February at the gallery 9 Colonne /SPE – Il Resto del Carlino di Bologna, prefers this technique and succeeds in “giving life” to her works, sometimes portraying bunches of coloured flowers or lagoon landscapes of deep lyrical suspension. Living the reality of the lagoon with its breath, with the fascinating sunsets that reflect in the motionless but vibrating waters, deeply affects this painter’s creativity that with rare artistry on refined paper fit for the watercolour, she can create sea views that mingle with skies of bright lights on the horizon.
In Bologna’s exhibition there are some watercolours portraying still lifes with pomegranates naturally painted and two fine sea views created with the oil on canvas technique. The exhibition, where the prevailing works portray cut flowers of which we perceive the subtle scent , is of good level and surprises for its freshness.

Alberto Mattia Martini
[from "CORRIERE dell'ARTE" 22nd February 2003]

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