2003 is the year dedicated to water at an international level.
The exhibition “When water becomes art” promoted by the foundation D’Ars - Oscar Signorini since the beginning of the spring has found a really special water in Iva Casson’s personal exihibition, which was housed in the gallery 9 Colonne/Spe/Il Giorno situated in via Petrella 6 in Milan from 12th December to 15th January.
The painter lives in Chioggia: in her works we perceive how strongly she is fascinated by the lagoon. The lagoon is itself more valuable than any other stretch of water. In her great watercolours, this talent artist conveys not only some images of the lagoon but also the emotions we feel living surrounded by it : that is where the title of the exhibition “Elements and dreams” comes from.
The water-colour technique is not an easy one : Iva Casson is a master of it. But even in her oil paintings, exhibited in the first room Spe, she achieves subtle lightness that sends us back to the above mentioned enchantment. The exhibition is not composed only of lagoon landscapes. Still lifes, fragrant bunches of flowers complete the exhibition confirming the solidity of the painter that exhibits her paintings in Milan for the first time in this personal but that has also taken part in national exhibitions. We wish her to be successful as we need to get art messages conveying feelings of serenity and peace.

Nicoletta Panciera
[from "IL GIORNO" - 11th January 2004]

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