Iva Casson’s seasons, in an interaction between nature and art, are synonyms of the metaphor of the reality, the feeling and spirit of the artist.
Before the technical sight of the works, a human aspect appears, a desire to express the energy, the inner vitality and to strengthen images.
The motion and light creep in the colour and become expressive elements, and the same thrust is transformed in ecstasy and desired dream, between what is real and what is perceived, as if Iva had a double personality: the one inferred from her exuberance and the one shown in her quietness and relaxation. The one that is blended well with the oil technique, the other with the watercolours.
After seizing these sides of the personality, the subjects are recognized, the heat of the landscapes, the skies and the blue that mingle on the horizon, the intensity of the summer, the roses, the iris, the poppies, the golden sunsets.
The feelings emerging from the figurative , which mingle like in the dawn and in the sunsets after the storm, or in a Venice in which the subconscious gets lost and the imagination allows to change the real elements with those that are inside of her, with the emotion of the calm and precise strokes that alternate with the materialistic and exciting ones.
It is a way to see and share the strength of her experience, memories, background which first of all Casson has learned to love. The nature, in which she gets lost, becomes part of herself and helps her to feel her emotions more intensively when she paints freely "in the open air", as in the lonely hours of her studying, escaping and surpassing the habit and the boundary.
She finds in the watercolours the sweetness of being carried away by lagoons, sandbanks, the Venetian inland and the flowers, which almost turn transparent , while the tonal lightness and shades fade away in the chromatic effect, among the schemes of pink, violet or white colours and the depth of this harmony. The realism rises around the colour and the dimension of the subjects, around that precise expressive choice that exceeds the limit of the marking, and which becomes symbol of a situation passing over the reality, always reveals the coherence that links it with perception. The pictorial fabric is bright, quite carefully studied, faithful to her mood.
In the flowers she highlights her romantic sensitivity, but also her sharpness of perceiving the energy of nature and the importance of the environment, a topic that is being amply discussed nowadays, whereas only a few people seem to be able to preserve our heritage.
There is a reason in it, which is connected with the starting point of view, that metaphor of the nature originating from the influence of the seasons, of the places, of the different time of the day, which affect the artist’s personal style and personality for the features of that moment.
Iva Casson would never renounce it and this is proved by her search for the interpretation of the human body, generally rather great works, marked by those soft and firm strokes of an amply figurative realism.

Lidia Mazzetto
(Treviso, 22nd May 2004)

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